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A camera with 6 micron pixels will give you a sampling of 1"/pixel, 9 micron will get you to nearly 1.5"/pixel. On the EQ6 I would suggest either going with larger pixels or a camera with smaller pixels that you can do effective 2x2 binning. This is more important for monochrome as when you start binning with a One Shot Colour (OSC) they become monochrome.

If you wanted a cheaper way of getting into the market, the ASI1600-Cooled OSC is basically just a cooled DSLR.

At $1,500 it is a bargain compared to most of the other CCDs on the market. As Greg says however, they are typically being used differently to most other CCDs as well and are very new on the scene. Being a OSC it does not need more filters so the $1,500 is all you will need. Moving to a monochrome is a LOT more expensive as you need to buy a filter wheel and filters and the camera is also more expensive.
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