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Little bit of and update. Last night I tried something different.

I ran enable auto guide exposures. For some reason it preferred to have exposures at 10 seconds while I watched. So I can only assume this was the case after I went to bed too as I have nice round stars in all the exposures taken after I went to bed.

Oddly though, I found that I could guide on another star in Maxim which was dimmer than the one selected all the time by AP if I took an image manually and told it to guide. It would guide happily at 4 seconds and yet when AP was doing the selecting it could not see it. Once I enabled auto guide exposures it worked. Very strange.

So perhaps it is also been the case that as well as the shutter not opening properly when going through the extender cable, but also the stars were too dim for AP and maxim to guide on at 3-4 seconds. Time will tell I suppose but it appears quite strange.

Happily I awoke to the roof being closed but AP had tried to restart 5 times since it shut down the first time. Some weird glitch I have seen before where it will try restarting despite completing the run. Like Rally has said, it is most likely multiple causes for such behaviour. Everything trying to draw power and work at the same time. Sort of like a needle in a hay stack. I will keep looking.
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