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What would really interest me is a MONOCHROME sensor equipped Canon camera, I.E. a bog standard EOS DSLR without the colour bayer filter and with no IR cut filter at all. In theory it should be no dearer than a normal camera but its wishful thinking such a camera would be made I think.

Seeing as how the EOS sensors work as well as they do at room temeprature, a monochrome 18 MP cooled EOS camera would blow every dedicated astro camera out of the water as far as dark current noise went.

Then I once used the GRAS (now Itelescope) online scopes, the raw light frames still had some dark current noise, which was easy to subtract as they also sent me a master dark from darks at the same temperature. However when I borrowed Houghys cooled DSLR the noise, or rather lack of it even on the raw light frames was mind boggling. The only thing that stops them from cornering the astro camera market is they are colour not monochrome chips.

Look at what cooling an EOS sensor does. That, in monochrome with accurate temperature control would be absolutely brilliant. You could do 1 hour subs with hardly any noise. Remember as a guide the Central DS 600d "only" cools to 28 deg below ambient yet returns stunningly dark darks that have to be heavily stretched to show noise.
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