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Originally Posted by leinad View Post
So it looks no diff than stock; with an N3 adapter you get get on ebay for $5, AC adapter and their filter.
*TC-80N3 Cable Remote Control (sold separately)

Curious how this performs over a stock body modified with Baader or Astrodon filter?
Performance is probably the same. With this one you get the Canon warranty.

I like the flip screen in the 60D, that's a huge help for astrophotography, I can frame, focus and see what I'm doing without breaking my back.

I think they made a crop body for astro because it helps increasing focal length and it prevents vignetting with the scopes. It makes a lot of sense.

The crop mode video mode is good for planetary/lunar work too.

I want one, but getting one in Argentina will be difficult! Will see...
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