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Of course. The bigger the sensor, the greater the image. I spend a lot of time on medium format photography forums, and even the $30K+ digital backs (sitting on a Hasselblad or Mamiya or xyz) have colour casts and ape skin tones. Furthermore, those cameras are not designed for long exposure astrophotographic use. Indeed, a lot of them struggle past ISO-400; they are designed for a specific purpose. There are issues wherever you go. How I long for one, but, I digress.

But, we're specifically discussing Canon and Nikon here.

I'm yet to see a deep space image taken by a Nikon system that rivals the fidelity and colour and sharpness of a Canon system.

I'm not talking widefield sky landscapes or lunar images. Both of these can be fulfilled by either system.

If I can find the time today, I will go hunting examples of high ISO images of the Pentax system with the equivalent level Canon system. If the Pentax has better noise characteristics, I'll offer a full apology, eat my shorts and not post anything photography related again. There's clearly people here who have greater experience and understanding than I do.

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