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Hi guys,

It has been quite a while since I last observed and I could not miss this clear night opportunity on the 1st of April.

Here is a sketch of my favourite OC,Tau canis majoris cluster or ngc 2362 from the night,

Instrument-12'' dobsonian
Eyepieces-26mm plossoll and 15mm plossoll
magnifications- 57x and 100x
conditions-cold, dewey(My secondary dewed up only 2 hours into thesession and i decided to call it quits,is this normal for a solid tube.)
Sketch details-Sketch materials used were white printer paper and a 3b pencil and a 3h pencil.I first plotted the main star tau and several other bright field stars to anchor my sketch I then worked my way around the cluster using the stars to gauge distance and try to accurately postion the stars,After I am happy with the plotting of the stars I give more weight to the brighter stars to make them stand out.That is all done at the telescope after going inside I fix up the neatness and then process it on the computer using gimp also adding colour to stars I thought had colour.
Object details-Sketch says it all,a Magnificent open cluster a must see for those who have yet to observe it.

Thanks for viewing

Cheers Orestis
ps-regarding cardinal points west is to the right and north to the top.
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