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Originally Posted by rat156 View Post
Umm, not to be a smartar$e, but the original question was SBIG or QHY9.
Your dead right Stuart. The question was about which camera to purchase an SBIG 8300 or QHY9 (8300) Both pretty well the same cameras at least as far as the CCD is concerned but Peters comments could easily be construed as a direct attack on the QHY range of cameras. As an SBIG dealer Peter appears to be holding up the SBIG Halo and making an open attempt to degrade the standing of the QHY range in general at least from a performance point of view. This really is irrelevant to this question.

Cameras are and will always be purchased on terms such as performance, price, personal requirements and aftersales service. I doubt the need for such an attack.
In this case QHY have priced the QHY9 well below the SBIG but then SBIG produce a much bigger range of CCD's than QHY so we all have plenty of cameras to choose from at lots of very diferent prices with very diferent features.
Great to have some choice.
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