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Originally Posted by Gama View Post
..., so get YOUR facts right Peter before blowing your horn !.


Que? All I asked for was an absolute QE curve for Sony sensors.

If the QHY guy can't supply a link, I can only assume Sony doesn't publish them.

QE 101:

Absolute Quantum efficiency (AQE) is the number of photons detected by a sensor, divided by the total number of photons. A perfect sensor detects 100 out of 100 photons.

Relative quantum efficiency is AQE * K where K is a number less than or equal to 1.0

The number K could be 0.5 or 0.25 making the *real* AQE of a sensor
lower by a factor or 2x or 4x. Knowing K is *really* important. Capish?

Kodak do publish AQE curves.

I am not saying Sony chips are rubbish....they have some commendable traits.

All camera manufacturers rely upon the CCD foundry's data, yet Sony don't seem to make this *rather important* data freely available.

If they did it would be nice to be able to compare Apples with Apples.
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