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Gerald Sargent
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I have ST4000 and QHY8 Pro, former has 15x15mm chip latter 20x15mm,
both colour. QHY is far less noisy than the ST, QHY8's do not need dark
frames. Price difference is significant
I too have had long discussions with Theo and decided that my QHY8 Pro
was the best bet. Think on very carefully your need for the small pixels,
The QHY9 and SBIG restrict you to short focal lengths.
Using the QHY8 (very large chip) and binning to 2x2 or 3.3 on can get
very sensitive "pixels" for long focus work. and still have a decent size chip
The merits of the "for free" software with the SBIG are to my mind
overrated. CCDOps is free anyway and can only be used with SBIG
cameras. CCDSoft - well some use it and like it, but I much prefer the
versatility of Maxim. Nebulosity 2 is also a good alternative and has
drivers for QHY's.
For 2" filters, which I use, the QHY filter wheel is excellent and will fit
any camera that uses "T" threads.Best wishes Gerald.

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