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Originally Posted by theodog View Post
Geez it may be 23!
funny... that's exactly what I thought when I read it (whenever that was), "oh cool, could be +2 fainter!!"

Originally Posted by theodog View Post
I am, however, careful to check with other methods for any measurement. I have included a screenshot with Guide 8 to demonstrate the depth reached in the image.
Interesting to see how to get another comparison. At the time I didn't know any other way to get an estimate so I just moved on, I can't remember what the figure was that I was trying to confirm, something like mag 21 like you.

Originally Posted by theodog View Post
I have no problems with Astrometrics, nor it seems do the MPC as I have not been q'ed regarding my estimates made with Astro..
Ahh, very good. I'm in awe of people who actually get to the point of submitting something to the MPC ... I got half way there but it was a big leap to actually have something sure enough to send to MPC so combination of things I moved on to another project
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