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Originally Posted by [1ponders] View Post
I think Dennis might have done some moonage with his DBK.
Originally Posted by matt View Post

Care to chime in here, Big D?
Hi Guys

Thanks for the plug! Well now, let me see, it seems quite a while since I did some of this imaging stuff. If I am going to image the moon, I will plug in the DMK. I have noticed that it produces better images than the DBK. What do I mean by better?
Well, the DMK live images look cleaner, show less noise, allow for higher frame rates and have more in reserve if I need to pump the image for faint objects, or those with a high brightness range.
I have never experimented with the DBK as a mono camera, I have always used it as a colour camera and in this mode, lunar images are dimmer and noisier at the same settings, so I have to increase the exposure time, lower the fps and pump the gain.

I use the DBK mainly on colourful multiple stars where I can pump up the Gain as we are dealing with point sources. However, if I want to split close doubles that are faint, the DMK is superior in 2 ways;
  • It goes deeper so I can image fainter doubles.
  • The dynamic range seems superior; that is, where the brightness difference of the components are large, such as mag 3 and mag 10, I can play with the settings and capture both using the DMK, whereas the DBK hits the wall at around 7 or 8 mag where noise and slow frame rates become dominant.
However, I will reiterate – I have always used the DBK in colour mode and not used it in B&W mode.

Hope that helps!

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