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Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post
Cameras will also need to be matched to your telescope.

What do you mean?

Originally Posted by matt View Post
Well...based on a few of the images I've seen, DMK's are capable of producing long-exposure DSO images. Not 'out of this world' DSO images, but then neither are modded ToUcam DSO images. IMHO.
Originally Posted by matt View Post
It all depends on what you are looking to achieve.
What I meant was is there a camera that can successfully take both Planetary and DSO images not including the quality of the image. If you know what I mean!

Also concerning the issue about the D*K cameras not suiting a beginner. Deciding on what is my best option for a CCD camera is very very very challenging! After doing my Math, I found that the 900nc with all accessories comes pretty close to the D*K 21 camera. So getting the D*K is not such a big difference. I realise what you are saying that the 900nc is the best for a beginner for the ease of use and low cost but if you're like me, you would know what I am trying to say!

Don't worry if it doesn't make sense to you, it's just me talking to myself.

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