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Originally Posted by ballaratdragons View Post
Faint DSO's is a specialised area that D*K's won't do, nor will the Toucam unless you get the Modified Version.
Well...based on a few of the images I've seen, DMK's are capable of producing long-exposure DSO images. Not 'out of this world' DSO images, but then neither are modded ToUcam DSO images. IMHO.

BTW...That's not intended as a put-down of the modded ToUcam. It's just an opinion. I'm not looking to get into a debate over the relative merits of the modded ToUcam or the images it's capable of producing.

I was very happy imaging planets with a ToUcam for many months and I think they are a great little cam for what they are.

It all depends on what you are looking to achieve, Matt.

Have a look around, see the sort of images different folk are producing. Decide what images you find pleasing and take note of what gear they are using to produce those images.

That will give you a basic guide to what's achievable with what cameras/scopes etc.

Of course, it then comes down to individual capability to getting the best results out of the equipment.

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