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Originally you mentioned that you also want to image faint DSO's as well as planets.

Faint DSO's is a specialised area that D*K's won't do, nor will the Toucam unless you get the Modified Version.

For DSO's I'd recommend a DSLR (unless you have a few spare grand for a SBIG etc). For planetary/lunar imaging Id recommend the Toucam for cost and ease of use.

After 6 months to a year you will know more about how to use these cameras and which direction to take. Then you can step up to a more serious camera.

Cameras will also need to be matched to your telescope. Then for DSO's you will also need a guidescope and a guiding camera.

. . . . and on it goes.

Imaging questions are not easily answered, but it's always good to start at the bottom and discover what you want in a camera.

For cost and ease, I'd recommend the SPC900NC or Toucam 840k Pro II.
Then go from there.
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