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Originally Posted by Rocket Boy View Post
At the risk of pushing this thread way off topic, I know what Ingo's talking about.
Ken Rockwell does give "some good tips" on his web site but he is also a bit.... well I'll let you decide. (Just one example)

Like I said he's not taken too seriously by many and it's not because of the gear that he uses but rather the comments that he makes.

Now back on topic, good on Nikon for bringing out this new gear, I think it only helps everyone to benefit in the long run. I don't like this "Canon vs Nikon" debate that you see raging in some forums.
I only started in photography because I read a review in S&T of how an Austrian guy started using his Canon 10D for Astro work. Soon the 300D was available here and I was hooked, because my dabbling in astro using film was a disaster.
I don't think it's very sensible for someone to change companies, chasing the latest gear, features, MPixels etc, once they've built up a collection of lenses for a particular brand of DSLR. Of course I would love the latest but I'm not prepared to change over now. I have no hands on experience with Nikons, so I never comment on their gear, how can I ?
This is not to say I don't have respect for their products.

In the right hands any DSLR can pull off a great photo.
That's why I was so happy to see Robin return to the forum, check out all his wonderful photos from the past !

My advice to new photographers is to not chase megapixels.
Megapixels are good as long as they're controlled well on the sensor, not to cramped together which will result in noise etc.
That's one reason why a medium formate 22mp camera is preferred.

Buy the best you can afford.
Spend your money on good quality lenses, a camera body will soon be outdated but the lens you will keep for a very very long time, I bought my 300D two years ago and it's way outdated now but my lenses still serve me well, (I still love using the 300D though).

Good luck to Nikon and anyone in a position to buy this wonderful new gear and I look forward to the photos that will be produced.

Yep...That's why a lot of people buy used equipment. They can change manufacturers easily, or just use a lens for a summer, then get what they paid right back. I know a guy here who owns 2x 1D Mark III's, 2x 30D's, a 400 F2.8, a 200 F1.8 IS & every other Canon lens below that. He might be switching to Nikon if he see's the noise control is better.
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