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Hi Andy

Currently chasing ARP galaxies with an RC8 and an ST2000 from Sydney close to CBD. Saw your image on AB and hope I can get somewhere close to that!

Yes, get a better focuser, yes, get the Tak collimator, you shouldn't need a dew shield and I rarely put my dew heaters on. You should get Bobs knobs and a tilt plate and also you would probably need counter weights as it's ar.! Heavy.

On point of principle I havnt put a reducer on, I would just lose the focal length I am after and I image " naked", ie, no flattener as for this specific small ccd sensor /scope combination, you dont need it. Even with a larger CCD I just Crop though I do have a flattener that does work well when I get round to setting it up. ( very amused with the constant underlining of the phrase super flat field on the ad.....)

Slow bugger though but a larger mirror like a 10 or 12 is very tempting and am not in a rush.

Even with the upgrades though you are getting good bang for buck over the more expensive RC's without over capitalising. Holds Collimation very well and barely needs refocusing during the night.

If you get hacked off with LRGB, do what SteveC does and chase NB PN's

Gawn, you know you want one

Originally Posted by Andy01 View Post
Maybe so, but further research suggests that a decent focusser upgrade & reducer/flattener are required as well as a fancy Tak collimator, heaters & dewshield, which I'd guess brings it up well past $3k. Hmmm
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