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Just doing more research, any thoughts on RC's like this?

From Andrew's website...

RC-10" f/8 Carbon fibre astrograph w/M-LRC F/L 2000mm
Newest model with Carbon fibre tube, Super-flat field
Now A$2299

RC-10 10" carbon fibre has TWO Losmandy "D" style 3" wide dovetail
plates fitted, 40cm long each; one on top and one underneath.
Includes one 50mm and two 25mm focal extender rings!
Resolution of 0.46 arc-sec. Weighs about 16kg.

We recommend Skywatcher EQ6PRO, EQ6R, AZ-EQ6 or
Celestron CGEM, CGEM-DX & up computerised
equatorial mounts for use with C.F. RC-10".
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