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Lol great quote Peter! Yes that KAF-8300 does have that issue, when binning the well depth is identical to a single pixel i.e. 25,000e. So all you end up doing is reaching the limit quicker when binning, without increasing the depth of the well. Atleast that's my understanding of it

Doug, have a think about whether or not you will eventually use a different telescope. 2283mm is tough I'd say to start Astrophotography in, as at that focal length even the smallest of issues will be magnified. I have a 800mm newt and a 1600mm RC8 (and with a reducer, the RC8 becomes 1053mm). I find my 5.4u pixels to work great across all ranges.

Here are links to what I've achieved with a 5.4um CCD (QHY9 Mono) at 1600mm (With the RC8) to give you an idea. That puts the imaging scale to 0.68arc-sec/pixel:

The images are by no means great and most were early out of focus attempts, but it shows you what that would look like. The 5.4um does offer me flexibility when swapping between the focal lengths. If I decided to stick to the RC8 only (like you with your long focal length scope), then I would seriously consider getting a different camera because 0.68"/pixel is a bit ridiculous. In nights of bad seeing (i.e. summer), its totally useless. So on your 2283mm scope, 5.4um would just be a total waste of money I reckon.
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