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Well it looks lke the consensus is 9um thanks to Ray, Ken and Dave.
However, I am troubled by Peter's coment:

The elephant in the room is you can 2x2 bin a 5.4u pixel camera, and effectively get the same gain (sensitivity) as say a 9.0u pixel model.

You can't go the other way. if you ever decide to use an camera lens, 9-10u pixels will start to look pretty blocky...

Also, Rick's advice also needs to be considered.

One obvious choice of small pixel sensor, the KAF-8300, has problems with binning as the horizontal shift register isn't deep enough. So, binning isn't always a good strategy.

I like the suggestion of checking out other astro sites to see what people are using with scopes of a similar focal length. It looks like the quality of seeing is the big issue as has been pointed out.
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