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Matching pixel size with focal length

Hello all
I feel a bit foolish about asking this but despite reading a lot of info on the net about the importance of matching pixel size with FL I cannot say that I have a 'cast iron' understanding.

My scope has a FL of 2286mm and one CCD supplier suggested I need an imager that has 5.4um x 5.4um pixel size. However, when I ran some formulas it looks like I will need about 10um.

As way of background, I am primarily interested in deep sky imaging. The place where I do my photography has average to good seeing most of the year and light pollution is not that bad as I am in transition zone between suburban and rural. Lastly, I am leaning towards a monochrome CCD as I would like the capacity do narrow band imaging.

Since these things are not cheap I would appreciate some impartial advice as to what size pixels would suit deep sky imaging with my scope. (I have read enough to know that size does matter.)

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