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I have used DMK21 for planetary imaging about 6 years ago but moved onto various cameras since then. The newer versions are quite good but you will need to consider the use of a colour camera if you are not using a filters.

The 618 version is similar to the camera I am using now (flea 3). The colour version produces great results and Asimov (John) produces fine images with it. Fast and reliable.

The ASI cameras are new to the scene and have a very similar sensor to the flea 3 camera. Some manipulation of the frame rates produces high frame rates but I note that many images made with these cameras have speckle all over the planets despite 3-4000 frame being used for stacking. That should not occur. It is most likely a result of read noise and that is electronic dependant. However, the camera is good value for money and any short comings of read noise will be forgotten with the increase in imaging ability over your current camera.

Personally I have resisted the need for another camera other than the flea3. When something comes along in USB3 that suits my needs I will consider a change.

Best of luck with your choices. Feel free to look through my site for images taken with the DMK (2006) and the flea3. The 618 will produce similar imaging.
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