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Comparisons and opinions on different astro cameras

Afternoon everyone!

Here is a basic history of my journey through Astrophotography. In a nutshell:
- I started off using my iPhone capturing pictures.
- I then moved on to using my digital camera.
- Purchased a DSLR but was not suited for my type of telescope therefore I kept the camera and took up photography and other astrophotography with it.
- Purchased a used webcam to modify it but didn't end up working in the end.
- Purchased the Celestron NexImage 5 and still use it to this current day.

Since I am running Mac I had to resort to using a VM with XP to run my camera and works fine. However I am one who likes to experiment around with different equipment, software, etc.

I have been eyeing off these Imaging Source Cameras on the Bintel website and been reading about them on IIS and other forums. These are the ones I am eyeing off the:
- DMK 21AU04.AS
- DBK 21AU618.AS
- DMK 21AU618.AS (new model which is $100 more)

Also I have been looking at the:
- ASI120MC
- ASI120MM

For people that own any of the above cameras could you explain to me your experiences using these cameras and how they would compare to my current NexImage 5? I primary do Planets and the Moon imaging.

My experiences using the NexImage 5 have been very good. It can capture very high resolutions however at a sacrifice of frames. I thought higher resolution was better but obviously the FPS are better.

The only reason I am eyeing off the Imaging Source ones is because I know that they are top quality for the price and have a very good chip. However I am a little put off that the max resolution is only 640x480 (which made me lean more towards the NexImage 5 but the highest resolution I use is 1280x768, around there). To get one with the resolution I use would be in excess of $600.

Any experiences, comments, feedback or advise on these cameras would greatly be appreciated! Also would there be a big change in getting one of them over the NexImage 5?

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