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only need to make the filters now i have the camera functionality sorted out dont mind the mess - its an organised mess - see here and turn up the volume

the MAC will be controlling 4 canon cameras - 650D 60D 600D and a 30D lenses will be a 250mm lens, 400mm L lens , 200mm L lens and a 10mm fisheye lens - wont bother with a solar filter for the fisheye

I am just so stoked I have got this working. Xavier has just finished a beta before the eclipse and this seemed an impossible goal – not now. Be using a 400mm L lens, 250mm standard lens, 200mm L lens and a 10mm fisheye, starlapse (2 cameras, 60D and 600D with the 400 and the 200) the polarie (fisheye and 30D) and astrotrac (650D with 250mm)…..

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