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Originally Posted by luigi View Post
Also from Chuck Westfall is
When asked about the noise improvement for RAWs. For JPGs they are talking big time but the decision to avoid discussing RAWs for me is bad news.

I guess the 5DIII is very optimized for JPGs but will show little improvement over the 5DII for RAWs and the price is heavy.

It doesn't seem like a good camera for astro. It would be great instead for sports, journalism and weddings.
I think this is true for the cheaper EOS xxx series. But the 5 is a professional camera so I don't know why not optimized for RAWs.

I think only a very few cameras have less noise at high ISO than the 5Mk3, but I doubt whether the 5Mk3 is much better than the 5Mk2, but I think as an SLR the 5Mk2 or 5Mk3 are one of the best astro SLRs due to the full frame and low light performance.
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