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Originally Posted by Octane View Post
From Chuck Westfall:

A new feature called Digital Lens Optimizer processes RAW images to achieve ideal optical characteristics for all types of optical aberration or diffraction, effects of a low-pass filter in front of a CMOS sensor, etc. This function improves image quality particularly in the image periphery in addition to the image center. This function is made possible because the entire design-through-manufacture process, for camera, CMOS sensor, EF lens, and DPP, is carried out entirely at Canon. Images are processed optimally using lens information in the image files (focal length, subject distance, and aperture) and lens data specially for the Digital Lens Optimizer. (However, the size of a .CR2 file will be two to three times larger after applying the Digital Lens Optimizer.) Adjustments are made for such aspects as spherical aberration, chromatic aberration, astigmatism, curvature of field, sagittal halo, chromatic aberration of magnification, axial chromatic aberration, diffraction, and the effects of a low-pass filter in front of the CMOS sensor. DPP’s Digital Lens Optimizer will be usable with any of 29 compatible lenses initially. It works with .CR2 files from EOS models released since 2006 (EOS 30D and forward).

w00t w00t.

Also from Chuck Westfall is
"We won't disclose that information"

When asked about the noise improvement for RAWs. For JPGs they are talking big time but the decision to avoid discussing RAWs for me is bad news.

I guess the 5DIII is very optimized for JPGs but will show little improvement over the 5DII for RAWs and the price is heavy.

It doesn't seem like a good camera for astro. It would be great instead for sports, journalism and weddings.
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