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There are too many variables comparing these output images posted on the net.

There are jpegs with their incamera noise reduction routines.

Then there are the vagaries of which RAW converter and the differences they can create. I was reading an article about different RAW converters after you mentioned you only use the Canon one. The example photos showed quite a large variation in quality of images just from which RAW converter you used.

So until the cameras are out in the field it remains vague as to the performance of these new cameras. I think though both 5D mark iii and D800 will both perform better than their predecessors in the area of low light high ISO judging by sample images.

Nikon D800 is a Sony sensor designed by Nikon and per that article Bert mentioned Nikon obviously likes to design the sensor and get someone else to make it. Or at least have some input into the sensor process. Sony are good at making chips as all the planetary,QHY, Starlight Express imagers have proven over the years.

Again it seems to me both cameras are sensational. But I also see the mark ii as being a real bargain in that some of the new features of the iii, if you are not a professional, you could easily live without.

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