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Further question on Losmandy Plate and ed120 scope

Any chance of a fast reply appreciated.
Thanks for all of your replies before but i think i have missled everyone with the wrong question so i'll try again.

What concerns me is the bowing effect of a scope and how that bowing effects an image.

Scope: Skywatcher ed120 APO
Mount: Skywatcher EQ6 Wide 'D' style mount
Camera on back of scope: Canon 500d plus field flattener ect.

I currently have an ADM Losmandy D style Universal plate 11" long 4" wide. When i attach the scope rings the distance between rings is 8".

On top of the rings i have a mini dovetail plate attached. This screws on and secures to the main scope rings, forming a rigid assembly. The mini dovetail only supports a modified 9x50 finder/guidescope using an Orion auto guidercamera (very light).

Flexure between guiding and imaging scope was not an issue when imaging with an 80ed refractor.

So my question i think, should have been the following:
Taking into consideration weight at the front and back of the ed120 do i need a longer base plate to avoid bowing the scope? Or am i being an absolute tool and worrying over nothing?

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