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Agree with all written before me.

Three comments really.

I have the 12" now as well as the 8". The 12" shows no reflections at all even with the STL11K sensor. Field looks pretty flat too. There are lots of great images taken with the 10" and as has been pointed out Leo's images are superb. The baffles seem fine now generally. That means not having to pull it apart.

The collimation of these scopes is a little tricky but not impossible. Owning a folded design telescope always means being able to collimate correctly. It can be daunting at first but once you get into doing this regularly you will not look back. Try to get someone to show you how to collimate.

I have bought a focusor as a matter of course. The new focusors look ok but I want total reliability so prefer just to spend the money on the focusor. My recommendation is to do the same with the rig you want the focusor to support.
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