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Originally Posted by JohnH View Post
Err no not really - I meant simply must as in I have CCDSoft and ImagesPlus and Nebulosity and AA4 (!) of those only CCDSoft and AA4 support the ST2000 and I'm just not in hurry to buy MaximDL as well...unless, of course of this forum that it is utterly essential. The jury is split on that one...
Software is a real gamble sometimes and it's use is very personal. I find that I just can't get my head around maxim all the time and prefer the simple setup for CCDSoft. Just being an old f@rt I suppose. It's a bit quirky but I've used it so long that I can just set it up and off it goes. For ccdcomander I was extremely impressed by the responsive backup and quick problem solving for new users on the forum.
Software can cost a lot in money terms as well as time getting to figure out all the bells and whistles. It would really be a help for someone getting into it to see it in operation and have a buddy that's already been there and done that.
I wasn't having a real go at anyone but think that it's such trial and confusing when so many recommend different programs that really you can't make a choice in the end.
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