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Johns original question contains a hint of a misunderstanding - he says that as a result of buying an SBIG camera he must use CCDSoft, implying that his understanding was he must do so as opposed to it just being an option - albeit a free one.

I think that once someone starts travelling down the automation path the relative merits of any piece of software or hardware starts becoming dependent on how well it is going to integrate with everything else.

There isnt much point buying something now and investing an immense amount of time and frustration into it all, only to discover that it wont work properly in the future.

Those who have used this sort of stuff will appreciate just how many 100's of hours it can take to get it all working.

The value of this community is that it can help people avoid mistakes just as much as help them through their problems.

I think that is where James and Fred are coming from.

In any event - its a good discussion.


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