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Originally Posted by allan gould View Post
Sorry James but that sort of suggestion doesn't Really help at all. MaximDL costs a fair bit and since he already has CCDSoft wants to use that program with another controlling program. Ccdcomander works well with CCDSoft and there are quite A few using it reliably.
He wants to know the quirks of the control programs and not the capture programs and how they work together.
I would vote for ccdcomander with CCDSoft from my limited experience with them both.
My 2c
Your 2c was well spent - I was not looking to move to yet another acquisition program. I am trying to establish the relative merits of ccdcommander and ccdautopilot given the kit/software I have. I get that Maxim is better than ccdsoft but looking at the doco the scripting is the same - perhaps a little easier to automate, not sure, it does at least seem to suppport filter offsets but it looks like you would still need to use an add on like ccdcommander.

Thanks for all the feedback, I guess I will continue to evaluate ccdcommander and post my findings here.
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