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I have used maxim and ccdsoft for some time and am also a user of ccdautopilot.

I use ccdautopilot in my home observatory and my my remote observatory both with ccdsoft.

Some of my observations:

Maxim does not work well with Autopilot and Adaptive optics combined. The packaging says it should, but it doesnt. However it works very well with ccdsoft.

Maxim is better if you want to just set a target and let it run its course. If you lose a guide star (especially with ao), tough. The rest of the night is a goner. Why maxim? because of dither via AO function, and maxim is better gui, I find ccdsofts gui to be a pita.

If you want to multiple targets, and never want a lost guide star ruin your night, get ccdsoft and autopilot.

Ccdsoft has some caveats. Software Bisque seems to make anything ascom as hard as possible to make work, and requires a camera plug in for almost anything other than sbig and apogee. It gui is backward step over maxim.

I use ccdap5 and have used ccdap4 for a while. If I ever have problems my issues are fixed quickly in the ccdware forums.

I have not used commander, I was told it was mostly script based where ccdautopilot is graphics based and 'tick the boxes' was more suited to my knowledge.

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