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Originally Posted by batema View Post
1.6 Mpixel camera from SBIG when you can buy a 6 M pixel QHy8 camera
You can't compare them like that. Pixel count is not the comparator. The Q8 cameras are dirt cheap entry level jobs. The Q9 mono has competition now from reputable vendors. My 1.3 Mpixel starlight camera sees way deeper than my qhy8 for an equal exposure time, but it only sees a sixth of the sky. It still takes nice images if that is what your after.

You buy the camera to do the job you need done. If your looking for supernova then an sbig st7 will do. If you want snapshots, then a qhy or canon will do.

You also need to match sensor pixel size to your scope, but that's another story.

In reallity, some cameras are engineered and tested and others are not.
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