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The question remains however, are remote rental scopes considered professional? Hmmm.
Of course they are! How can a global network of multiple robotic automated telescopes specifically designed for providing a (quite costly) pay as you use service for imaging aquisition and astronomical research NOT be classed as anything other than a proffessional operation? It's a no brainer

A professional telescope is one that is used by professionals right? me a proffesional telescope is one that is used "proffessionally" ie comercially, for the purpose of gaining income from the conduction of astronomical research or astronomical imaging, both of which are performed at GRASS and LightBuckets et al

So, to put it bluntly, I don’t see an issue in entering remotely acquired images into an imaging comp. As the rules stand today
As fas as I am concerned every image downloaded from GRAS or LightBuckets etc is really a proffessionally acquired image (those facilitating it for you are indeed proffesionals - it is their proffession) so any image constructed from this data is in breach of the DM Awards rules as they stand, of course this interpretation is up for debate and only the DM Awards organisers can tackle it and it is indeed totally up to them, to do so.

It's not just about the DM awards though, the no pro/global rent-a-scope gathered data brigade () are just not in favour of the "home delivered gormet food dinner party" approach being unquestioned and openly allowed as entries, without caveats, in amateur astroimaging contests in general.

I’ll put these images into the semi pro category and give Peter and others a run for their money…At the same time, I’m still deemed an amateur – I don’t earn any revenue from astronomy… so I also have the ability to enter the amateur wide field and deepsky categories when using my own gear (despite the fact my personal rig could be questioned as not having the “amateur spirit” considering its “upload imaging plan and walk away” schematics). So, we’ve hit common ground…
Mate, it was never about you personally or your past or future entries in the DM awards, don't take it so personally
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