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Originally Posted by jase View Post
Sure, using a remote telescope, the person who is acquiring the data is the principal author – he/she chooses the target, framing, filters selection, exposure times – absolutely everything that can be done locally on their own equipment to acquire an data to produce an image and ultimately they also own the data they
I though this one had been put to bed...but...

Jase, I still think you are being dismissive of the following: accurate polar alignment, PEC programming, setting up and refining a pointing model, cabling and cable snag mittigation, optimising instrument/camera spacing, optimising camera tilt errors/ mountings, dark library collection, flat library collection, guide scope flexure removal/mittigation, solving software conflict problems, etc etc.

Sure if you have a permanment Obs...much of this needs doing at least once or infrequently...but it needs doing....and if you don't have an obs' ..aye carrumba...I admire the poor buggers who set up every time!

Claiming to be the principle author simply because you chose what subject, and clicked on a few filter selections, and the how long button, leaves me nonplused. I think the web cam on Everest analogy was still a good one

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