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Originally Posted by jase View Post
So what are your thoughts on this Jeff - as a legitimate astronomer with public outreach? What category do you truly believe you belong too? How do you think the situation should be remedied?

Thanks for joining the "proposal board" by the way. Perhaps we'll now get something done.
Firstly, make a decision.

Here's mine.

All entries process their own data.

Three main catagories;
Hobby -data from (not made) their own gear -earn no income from gear -own processing.

Semi professional/data processing- use data gained from pro & semi pro gear. The gear from where ever earns income. -entry does processing.

Professional- working in industry-professional gear -entry does processing.

Hobby category;
junior -U16 any non-professional gear -own processing
Adult -Small scope upto 12"
Adult -Large scope over 12'

Also Educational
-Any project of images that best illustrates an Astronomical concept.
Under this I would enter Semi pro category and get flogged.

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