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Skywatcher mounts - maybe an EQ7-R ??

Ever since the new EQ8-R was released 2 months ago ive been looking at Skywatchers range of EQ mounts and noticed there's a huge gap between the 22kg rating and their latest beast the EQ8-R at 50kg rating

Below is a general range of Skywatcher EQ mounts ( excluding small visual mounts and trackers ) with some payload and weight data -

Mount Mount Head Weight * Imaging Payload (60%) Max Payload

EQ5 7.5kg 5.5kg 9.0kg
HEQ5 10.0kg 9.0kg 15.0kg
EQ6 16.0kg 11.0kg 18.0kg
EQ6-R 17.0kg 12.0kg 20.0kg
AZEQ6GT 16.0kg 13.5kg 22.0kg
EQ8-R 25.0kg 30.0 to 35.0kg 50.0kg

* Imaging payload can vary but used 60% as recommendation or a guide for tripod use outdoors

If you like the Skywatcher brand and use Skywatcher mounts exclusively for AP then my question for comment is - why don't they make an EQ7-R mount ( tripod version only ) with a max payload rating of say 35kg to compete with Celestron and others

Surely it would open up opportunities for imagers across the globe for a wider variety of scopes and equipment and put market pressure on other brands

There just seems to be a huge gap between 22kg and 50kg

Your comments / thoughts ??
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