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Originally Posted by gregbradley View Post
FLI sells a 5/7 filter wheel, that means 50mm round or square filters.

FLI CFW 5/7 is around US$2500 or so. Astrodon 50mm round filters are around AUD$2500. LRGB Ha O111 S11 (5nm). You can get them cheaper from Astronomiks. Not sure if they do a 5nm narrowband.

For a full frame sensor you need 50mm round filters. For larger than full frame you need 50mm square filters.
I see QHY has a larger format filter wheel for around US$1300.

Focusers need to be around 3 inch. Larger if possible but 3 inches I would estimate is close to the minimum. I would opt for a slightly larger focuser. My CFF 105 has a 3.2 inch focuser and it is illuminating my Sony full frame camera quite well.

OAG? There are a few now. Teleskop Services sells one, Optec has a nice looking one including a version with motorised focuser (more for remote imagers). MMOAG is still being sold. Figure about US$700 + shipping so around AUD$1300.

Adapters are around AUD$200 each. I use Josh Bunn on this forum, he did some nice adapters for my CFF recently. A lot cheaper than Precise Parts.

You need a guide camera. Lodestar 2 or Sbig STi or QHY 5. Around $800.

Software. The Sky X is an all inclusive software and does it all. Not sure what it costs. Probably about $400.

All these things are more expensive at the moment as the Aussie dollar is at a very low level of about 67 cents so it becomes at least double when you factor in shipping and GST and costs.

Full frame is definitely more expensive but a camera like the QHY600 could
potentially be a very long lasting camera and take some amazing images.

QHY often package their cameras with an all in one solution like built in filter wheel and guider. Not sure if they will do that with the 600 but it would be nice as it would make everything simpler.

No need for extra counterweights on the scope except of course on the mount itself.

A tilt adapter is probably a good thing to have in the imaging train. Better than packers.

Thank you Greg for writing all that. After reading the requirements so plainly written, I am liking my tiny sensor requiring only 1.25" filters in the wsg-8 QSI body even more now and I that it will last many more years. 20-minute 18MB subs are easy on the laptop too!
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