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New Larger Format CMOS Cameras - the other costs

As has been posted elsewhere, QHY and ZWO are producing/working on new large format CMOS cameras (QHY600 and ASI6200 respectively). The costs, specs, etc of those cameras are in those threads. I'd like to discuss the other costs that are going to be involved with going to these cameras, assuming you want to get maximum value out of the camera (e.g. minimise/eliminate vignetting) and have none of the requisite gear.

What size filters are going to be needed? What choices are there?

Filter wheels - what choices are there for these filters for at least 7 filters? The weight is going to get interesting with what I presume will be larger and heavier filter wheels. The "back end" of some setups will become even heavier and may require some form of counterweights at the front (or more).

Spacers and adapters - what size should we be looking at for these as well?

Focusers - I doubt most of these will be a problem?

OAGs - This is going to be interesting. I guess most people will just go for the manufacturer's option?

Anything else? Tilt adapter?

So with all of the above, consider how much extra cost is going to be involved with getting one of these cameras. I know that I am.
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