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Originally Posted by Stefan Buda View Post
I wouldn't mind having a go at it. If the lenses don't have too much wedge errors, I can rework the housing and make spacers that will hold the lenses in good alignment.
Ok, can you PM me with your mailing address and I will send it ASAP. Thanks for doing that.

Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
What has been OOUK's suggested approach on the matter?

Mike, it's not so much any suggestion which, but their idea is that it must be operator error and I have not set it up properly. Based on what I have seen; the threads on the adapters they made from camera to the corrector, machining of the tube rings, anodizing, general attention to detail and stories I have heard would suggest that they will just simply send it back and say there is nothing wrong with it, when I know this is not the case. They don't want to acknowledge that their production is the cause. I had to provide photos of the tube rings to get two of them replaced. They knew there were 4 rings damaged but they only replaced two. When I told them about that they said I did not tell them there were 4 when in fact I said all of the rings were damaged, they sold me the scope and did not know how many rings were sent . It's just more behavior the like that Steve witnessed. It just becomes frustrating and annoying. So it is better to see if it can be fixed here (once again thanks Stefan) or if it can't move on and buy a large corrector which will work. I think you might have got the last of the good correctors.
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