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Originally Posted by troypiggo View Post
Same issue tonight with that black band. It's weird - seems that every time I disconnect and connect the camera, the black band moves left and right in the image, but stays there once imaging. If I change the exposure time (eg from 2s to 0.2s) the black band shifts left or right, but then stays same location for that new exposure time.

Tried taking image with other software, but the only software I had was SGP and it seemed to just take all black images. I've never really used the QHY5 for anything other than guiding with PHD and Maxim (in the old days, on antoher computer).
Have you tried changing the cable? I chased a problem for 4 months until I swapped the cable accidently and noticed everything was working all of a sudden. It's now the first thing I check. The fact that the band moves around sounds like connection somewhere - hopefully not inside the camera. Did it get a bump? Try rotating it and see if that "settles" it.
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