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Forget what the images show for now as its probably in the allignment/spacing of the CCD to scope .

What I would do is take it outside and let it settle ( cool ) for an hour then put a high power 200x min eyepiece in and look at a mag 2 star close the the zenith and focus to the hardest point you can , it will ( should ) look like a small tight ball , the aeiry disc .

Then move focus in about 8 light and dark rings ( looking like a record , with rings ) and study the image with your eyes , then move back to focus and move focus out 8 rings and look at that image .

If the images are similar , round , concentric and central the optics are good , this test is very , very sensitive just be careful to keep the star central in the FOV of the eyepiece when doing this .

If there is a major difference you are in trouble and it will need to be sent back to the manufacturer as triplets are NOT !!! I repeat NOT ! like doublets and reflectors , repeat DONT !!! touch it as you will only make it much worse .

You need top quality testing equpment to align a triplet sorry to say .

Good luck on the star test , you might be lucky .

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