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The TEC fluorite series are among the most exotic scopes available.
It is most certainly not the scope. I have used several cameras with my TEC180 and only seen this problem with a Trius. I have observed it a few times on extremely bright stars with a KAF8300 camera. Both have small wells. I get perfect stars with a FLI Proline 16803 with over 100,000 electron well depth versus 18,000 with a Trius.

I think the best strategy is to match optics/CCDs and the Trius works better on some scopes than others. Either that or the Trius has has something different from the SX694. Perhaps SX changed something like the coatings or the glass etc.

I put it down to small wells. I see the effect on my CDK17 just not as noticeable.

Why it does appear to be a problem with Mike's scope is strange although he tends to use short subs.

Ray also uses even shorter subs so perhaps that is the best approach - very short subs so the wells don't fill further out from the star's centre.

I can try it on my AP140 and see if there is any difference next time I am using it. I suspect no difference but we'll see.

I am wondering if a FLI Microline 694 would behave the same way. Its only a feeling but I suspect not. This is why the SX is the cheapest, not necessarily the best.

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