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Originally Posted by h0ughy View Post
looking harder into this i see now where the QSI 686wsg is $5700 and for the same price i can get a Moravian G3-11000 with 5 pos filter wheel for under that price - thats the next chip up!!
Don't forget the price of filters... For example, a 1.25" 3 nm OIII Astrodon filter is $425, but the 50 mm version that you'd need for the 11000 chip is $925. This is towards the upper end of the quality spectrum, but you get the idea - it adds up for a full LRGB + Ha SII OIII set.

Reducers/flatteners/focusers/etc that can support a 11000 chip may also be more expensive.

Also - depending upon the filter wheel, having to swap out LRGB filters out of the carousel for NB filters can be a royal pain (i.e. with the 5 pos FW).
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