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Price drop: William Optics Megrez 90

Scope is in excellent condition, bought in 2007, complete with very sturdy hard case.

Lens is a doublet with FPL-53, so very little false colour at high magnification. Has a nice two-speed 10:1 focuser with focus lock for astrophotography (or heavy eyepieces).

The scope has an integrated L-bracket, which some forums previously reported as causing mounting issues if you want to use rings. When the dew shield is extended, the clear space between the shield and the bracket is 15.2cm, which is less than the standard 20cm dovetail. However, William Optics make a mounting plate with several sets of holes that will allow the rings to be less than 15cm apart. Andrews sells this plate for $69.

I really like this scope but after very little observing in the last 2 years (new parent commitments) I suddenly have a bit of time to myself and aperture fever has set in. I have my sights on a larger refractor, but need to sell first (hence also my Canon 17-40mm lens sale in another thread).

Some other important info in full disclosure of scope's condition:

I had a custom plate made to allow me to attach the scope to a TeleVue Panoramic mount, but the plate isn't a dovetail fitting. This is shown in the attached pics. Note that the mount may go for sale too if I sell the Megrez. Anyone interested on both can discuss via PM.

I chipped a bit of paint off the bottom of the L-bracket when I was attaching the custom plate. Doesn't affect the mounting screws but it's there.

Asking price is $800 ono. Happy to answer any questions.



P.S. Diagonal and red dot finder bracket pictured are not included in the sale.
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