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Originally Posted by stevous67 View Post
Really? The A7s modded and cooled is significantly more $$, and why would you mono it? Really?! The colour performance is outstanding.

Lastly, "CCD's are on borrowed time"?! Wow, interesting advice.

It's not too bad a plan your suggesting, getting the CCD later. Having a cooled (only) and modded DSLR would be very handy for specialty objects.

How far have CCDs advanced in the last 5 years? How far have CMOS devices advanced in the last 5 years?

We consumers haven't even gotten our hands on Scientific CMOS (sCMOS) devices yet. 27000:1 dynamic range with 70% QE anyone? They're expensive but only a couple of companies own the patents and they want to make a return on their investment.
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