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Pixel map

Originally Posted by Shiraz View Post
depends on the software. I use Nebulosity and that can make a bad pixel map in one keystoke using a single dark frame (you can also vary the settings if you want). Once it knows the locations of hot pixels it can then use the bad pixel map in initial processing (prior to deBayer) to replace the bad pixels in all of your light frames. Doesn't change the lights in any other way.

When using bad pixel mapping it is also worth dithering when gathering your data so that any warmer than normal pixels that remain after the hot ones are removed, are spread about when you do the stacking and are not noticeable.

as a personal observation, the QHY8 is standing the test of time rather well - still produces very smooth images and is fairly sensitive as well.

I also use Nebulosity. So once I have made the bad pixel map at what pont do I add it? When I batch process do I place it instead of darks when adding flats etc? I have tried to look up the process on neb 3 and have not been able to find any details, just the process of creating the pixel maps.

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