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QHY 8 hot pixel problem

I have had my QHY 8 for a little while now but have not used my scope for about 6 months. I normally image with Bias, flats and lights.

However I have decided to add some darks and remove the bias and create a set of master darks with the bias removed.

Last night I started taking 5 min darks and noticed I had lots of hot pixels in all of my darks that I have not really noticed before. They may have all ways been thier but not noticed on only flats and bias shots, but really evident in blacks.

I would take a guess that I have about 12 - 15 or so and they are the same in all shots so processing with darks will remove them. However is this normal on a QHY 8? or should I increase the TEC voltage to get more cooling? Or will this not change the problem and I should just deal with it.

I have a nice noise free black dark with no noticeable heat problems, only theses hot pixels. I am running the TEC voltage from a 102 controller at around 10 volts.

Any assistance would be great

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