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Hi SuperG,

Within the metro area the best site I've ever seen in 40 years is easily the NSAS site at Terrey Hills, quite a few turn up to do AP there. Go along on one of their nights as a visitor and if it appeals, join. Also a pretty decent dark oval near me in Killara surrounded by trees, but you have to carry gear onto it (no cars on the oval); I use a small trolley.

If you want a significantly darker site you have to go into the Blue Mountains:

- Mt Banks on Bells Line of Rd is an old favourite, two carparks there are OK;
- Mt Blackheath and Hargraves Lookout on Shipley Plateau, a few minutes out of Blackheath;
- Hat Hill Rd on the north side of Blackheath also has some good spots.

There is also a disused airstrip on the south side of Bells Line of Rd at Clarence.
Hassans Walls (drive into Lithgow then up the hill) is also good.

The dirt road from the GWH to Victoria Falls (between Blackheath and Mt Victoria) offers the best sites in the Blue Mountains, but this road has been closed for a while thanks to the NPWS.

There is also an excellent showground on top of a hill with no lights at Rydal, if you want to go that far.

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