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Originally Posted by strongmanmike View Post
Thanks Paul, it's a area of crazy swaths of faint dust, the giant P shaped piece was just too cool to not adjust the rig for in order to frame it with Barnards Galaxy. I almost didn't bother with the rig adjustment and was going to plonk the giant P more centrally in the frame...glad I didn't, I think this may be a unique framing even?...

If I had framed The galaxy in the centre sounds like I might have caught that PA161..?

The framing is good, I did something similar when I imaged NGC6822 with the FSQ, albeit I did not have the same orientation or even know that P shaped piece even existed. Mind you I would have done a multi mosaic to capture what you have got here.

Yes if you had centered the galaxy you would have captured PA161, but only in OIII. When you mentioned you had taken OIII I immediately started looking to see if you had captured it. I did a quick plate solve and found it was just off your field of view to the top. It is slightly visible in Ha too but highly visible in OIII. It can't be seen in LRGB at all. It might appear brighter at your scale though with the concentration of photons to each pixel.
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